As teenagers, we spent our summers loitering outside the art gallery in downtown Vancouver. Sean, one of my friends from the group was, and still is, a voracious fan and collector of music and he force-fed me an endless supply. One day he lent me The Replacements’ 1985 album Tim (on cassette, ’cause it was the 80’s) to listen to on my Walkman for my … Continue reading Skyway

Northern Affairs: Mix Tapes From North Atlantic Explorers (Spotify Playlist)

I’ve always been passionate about sharing music I love. So I recently launched a Spotify playlist titled Northern Affairs, which I’m updating every couple of weeks or so.  Please check it out if it’s something you might enjoy.

Listen to Northern Affairs on Spotify Continue reading “Northern Affairs: Mix Tapes From North Atlantic Explorers (Spotify Playlist)”

Cover of The Smiths’ Panic

I wasn’t always a fan of The Smiths. In fact, I despised them at first. My younger and cooler sister used to listen to trendy British bands like New Order, The House Of Love … and The (God-awful) Smiths. I couldn’t stand Morrissey’s melodramatic vocals and miserable-me lyrics. Then I became intrigued by Girlfriend In A Coma. I mean, really, who writes a song about … Continue reading Cover of The Smiths’ Panic