Remembering Andrew Arida

(photo: Springsteen & Andrew)

If you’ve heard the incredible Wurlitzer, Rhodes and organ solos on “Dreams Of Flying” from our Night Owls album, they are performed by Andrew Arida who sadly passed away shortly after our recording session.

I’d like to share a few of my memories of him.

I got to know Andrew when I sat in for a year on drums with atmospheric quintet, The Beige, in which Andrew played piano/keys.  Live, the band would settle into a groove and I’d be awe-inspired listening to Andrew’s solos.  Performing alongside him was one of the most enjoyable musical experiences I’ve been a part of.

During a break in one day in rehearsal, the rest of the band went outside while Andrew and I remained in the practice space.  I listened to him play, note for note, the piano solo from the Supertramp song, “School.”  Whenever I hear it now, I think of Andrew – I always will.

He was truly a spectacular musician, but even more of a special person.

When I tried to pay him for the recording session, he wouldn’t accept it, telling me “friends don’t take money from friends to play music.”  Those were his last words to me.

Below are some video clips from that day’s session recording “Dreams of Flying.”

If you’re interested in hearing more of Andrew’s wonderful playing, here are a couple of tracks from The Beige: