Vampires EP

Vampires Track Listing:

01. Your Eyes Are Pools In The Starlight, Baby
02. A Burning Desire
03. Disappearing Into The Astral Plane
04. Light & Shadows
05. Beneath A Blanket Of Stars
06. Dust

Released: January 4, 2023

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We have new instrumental EP, Vampires, which is available at Bandcamp.

I took the instrumental stems from the songs on last year’s Night Owls album, reversed them all (there were over 100 tracks for the song below alone), and then set out on the tedious task of sifting through the hours of weirdness, muting & un-muting tracks, adding some new instrumentation, and editing, arranging & transforming the reversed tracks into these strange, disorienting compositions.

Here’s the video for “Disappearing Into The Astral Plane.”  The combination of trippy visuals & music somehow gives me similar vibes to watching Pink Floyd laser light shows at the planetarium when I was a teenager.  It’s essentially the video for “Dreams of Flying” from Night Owls, but in reverse, and with added effects and embellishments. Drop some acid and enjoy the psychedelics. (Don’t really drop acid.)

Video edited by Greg Gillespie.

Footage courtesy of NASA and Everyday Airline Pilot.