About The Album: Night Owls

Night Owls Track Listing:

01. Beneath the Light of the Moon
02. We’re a Wildfire
03. The Sky Ain’t Ever Been So Blue
04. There’s Some Weather On Its Way …
05. Hurricane Hazel
06. Dreams of Flying
07. Baby, Lightning Dust
08. Song For Annalee
09. Vampires, Night Owls

Released: January 7, 2022

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Night Owls is the fourth album from Glenn D’Cruze’s North Atlantic Explorers. It’s comprised of elaborately produced and decidedly more uptempo songs than on previous releases while retaining an undercurrent of sadness, beauty and atmospherics that permeates throughout.

The songs are diverse and sophisticated encompassing elements of classic pop, orchestral, 60’s psychedelica and an understated mid 70’s Young Americans/Royal Scam-style groove. Night Owls intersperses grandiose choral harmonies, a horn section and mind-bending improvisational jams alongside moments of ambience – a shared commonality with The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds.

The album contains songs about Northern winter nights, deceptive lovers, out of body experiences, catastrophic weather events and vampires. The album title is a reflection of D’Cruze’s solitary and nocturnal nature and his affinity for the tranquility and mystery of the pre-dawn hours.

Unfortunately, the release of Night Owls is a bittersweet event. Andrew Arida, who performed the incredible Rhodes, Wurlitzer and organ solos on Dreams of Flying sadly passed away shortly after the recording session. The last the world will hear from Andrew will leave a lasting impression.

Night Owls was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonathan Anderson (Andy Shauf, Teen Daze).

Watch the video for Hurricane Hazel by Greg Gillespie: