Cover of The Smiths’ Panic

I wasn’t always a fan of The Smiths. In fact, I despised them at first. My younger and cooler sister used to listen to trendy British bands like New Order, The House Of Love … and The (God-awful) Smiths. I couldn’t stand Morrissey’s melodramatic vocals and miserable-me lyrics. Then I became intrigued by Girlfriend In A Coma. I mean, really, who writes a song about someone in a coma? I was soon drawn in by The Smiths and grew to love the very things I once hated about them.

Panic was one of The Smiths’ songs that always stood out to me … I thought hanging a DJ seemed a bit excessive.  We were recently in the studio recording other material when our attention drifted and we ended up recording this cover of Panic in a matter of an evening.

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Panic is also available for download from Bandcamp & the usual digital outlets.