Sailing To Another Planet

Thanks for the emails and interest in our recent North Sea/North Atlantic cargo ship adventure. We made it back safe and sound, well, just barely in Greg’s case – read on … As promised, here’s an account of our wintery jaunt through northern seas.

Sailing To Another Planet

Travelling on a container ship on the Atlantic Ocean is something I’ve wanted to do for years and seeing as we wanted to film video for our nautical-themed album, My Father Was A Sailor, now was as good a time as any for this trip. Our goal was a 3 or 4 day trip around the North Sea/North Atlantic ocean in winter, when the weather was (hopefully) at its stormiest and the seas were at their most fierce for the most dramatic footage and but also for the experience as well.

It was a trip that almost never happened.

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The Storm (Photo by Karsten Petersen)

North Atlantic Explorers Sail The North Atlantic

A few months back, I sent a message to my director friend Greg Gillespie suggesting we shoot video on the treacherous North Atlantic ocean in the middle of winter. He replied saying “your idea of filming the open sea is crazy – and I love it!” Crazy or not, we leave tomorrow to do just that – to sail the North Sea and the North … Continue reading North Atlantic Explorers Sail The North Atlantic

Top 5 Albums Of 2012

It seems like every year I listen to less and less new music, and instead discover more and more great music from the past. In 2011 I was really diggin’ Steely Dan (yeah, okay, I know …), and this past year I got massively into The Blue Nile. Actually, the albums I most listened to in 2012, regardless of year of release, were those four from The Blue Nile. I’ll even go on record and say that A Walk Across The Rooftops is a 10 out of 10 – it’s absolute perfection!

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