The Storm (Photo by Karsten Petersen)

North Atlantic Explorers Sail The North Atlantic

A few months back, I sent a message to my director friend Greg Gillespie suggesting we shoot video on the treacherous North Atlantic ocean in the middle of winter. He replied saying “your idea of filming the open sea is crazy – and I love it!”

The Storm (Photo by Karsten Petersen)

Crazy or not, we leave tomorrow to do just that – to sail the North Sea and the North Atlantic on a freighter ship, amid (with any luck) gale-force winds and stormy winter seas to film promo footage for our upcoming North Atlantic Explorers nautical-themed album, My Father Was A Sailor.

Thank you to Danish mariner Karsten Petersen for kindly allowing us to use his photo and also for the following comforting words:

“Hmmmmmm, – crossing the North Atlantic in wintertime is not really recommended.  It’s a bastard, – and can be quite rough … When low pressure after low pressure is chasing you and trying to crush you and the ship, you will for sure learn how to feel small, – very small –, and you will fully understand, that “Mother Nature” is always the strongest, and have to be looked upon with the greatest respect.”

How reassuring … I was nervous before, but now I’m terrified … well, there’s no turning back now.

Who knows what the next ten days will have in store for us but we’ll let you know all about it when we return … if we return :-)

We’ll try to post updates as we go, if possible, so follow along on Twitter.