North Atlantic Explorers - Skylines


North Atlantic Explorers - Skylines

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North Atlantic Explorers interweave spacey songs with scenic themes & geographic imagery, enhanced by loops, samples & cinematic orchestration. The result is a blend of nomadic ventures incorporating Neil Young’s forlorn beauty, Wilco’s dreamy textures, and Yo La Tengo’s mesmerizing ambience. Skylines is a beautiful, engaging, and sonically stimulating record flavoured with strings, horns, vibes, glockenspiel, banjo, upright bass and vintage organs & pianos.

For fans of:

Wilco, Yo La Tengo, Neil Young, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine, Sigur Ros, The Band, The Clientele, Idaho, Sun Kil Moon ...


" ... Glenn D’Cruze circumnavigates ambitious terrain; he and his band mates have managed to simultaneously charter new territory while maintaining familiar ground ... It’s an admirable accomplishment to have forged an album that mixes the least obvious elements of new-Americana, Sigur Ros, and Galaxie 500 and create something this enjoyable." (The Big Takeover - USA) "... Skylines is a mixture of the atmospheric abstraction of Sigur Ros and the down home simplicity of Neil Young, The Red House Painters and The Cowboy Junkies. Packed with emotion, Skylines is a first-rate debut from a group not only willing to challenge listeners but also themselves." (Mote Magazine -Canada) " ... Skylines is one of the prettiest rock records to come out in awhile ... North Atlantic Explorers craft lush, beautiful songs rich in melody and atmosphere ..." (Indieville - Canada) "... the best ‘out of the blue, I never heard of this artist and man does it blow me away’ album I heard last year. A gorgeous ethereal album of long-haul songs. It takes the best of the moody Mercury Rev soundscapes and combines them with the melodic pop sensibility of Luna." (The Westender - Canada) "... a curiosity; swirls of bagpipes, a solar system of space rock, blissed out country and lovelorn ballads ... their approach lies somewhere between The Flaming Lips and Godspeed You Black Emperor ... for fans of Yume Bitsu, Sigur Ros or Yo La Tengo, the sound that angels slow-dance to." (Americana UK - UK) "... North Atlantic Explorers make the kind of drifting, dreamy music best suited to long journeys ... the themes are unashamedly romantic, and with a style of music one might term ‘accessibly experimental Americana tinged indie’ - this is an album to file next to Mercury Rev’s ‘Deserter’s Songs" ... an album for lovers of lush arrangements of sad, quiet songs. Very nice." (Penny Black Music - UK) "... the songwriting and production abilities of Glenn D’Cruze really impress ... the listener may sometimes be reminded of Low - the melancholic mood and the very slow pace, Yo La Tengo - the taste for stretching out songs and the numerous instrumental parts, or Wilco - the countryish accents and the voice ... North Atlantic Explorers have excellent songs, a universe of their own, and are highly skilled at what they do ..." (Millefeuille - France) "... a fusion of extraterrestrial experimentalism and pop naivety ... that the band can simultaneously accomplish Americana and electronic ambience is probably good enough reason to check Skylines out, but that they can do it to proficient effect is the real kicker ..." ( - USA) "... with an atmospheric flair akin to Sigur Ros, D’Cruze and fourteen fellow musical explorers employ a rich array of effects-laden instrumentation to sail ethereal waters ... Skylines is an ideal soundtrack for pensive stargazing from a town in Northern Ontario." (Terminal City - Canada)